Flight Box

Decided to update old flight box built this one 1988 with MFA starter panel. The upgrade is an electronic current controlled glow and backed by a 12AHr sealed battery. Just for good measure a couple of coats of varnish. The fuel pump is an old Volvo window washer pump.


Busy Busy Busy


I have indeed been busy, the weather broke and managed to get lots of airtime in-between appointments and decorating the kitchen. Managed to break two helicopters and as much as I hate to admit it pilot error was the cause.

More to come, happy landings all

Vertol Maiden test

Hmmmm! perhaps I should have been more patient but test flight I did despite 20MPH plus gusting wind. I have to describe that as the most hairy 5 minutes flight for quite some time. We survived in one piece with a list of adjustments in my head, must write them down, I had not remembered how interesting it is to fly. I remeber now as a bead of sweat ran down my forehead, few!

Vertol Hirobo

Refurbished OS32 runs very well and spun up the Vertol, some work to do on front blade set tracking and gyro settings but all good so far. Considering next step as an electric conversion once set up is completed.

Robbe Schluter Moskito

Source: Moskito 

Well the weather has been not too kind here in the South West but it has given me more workshop time. As the title suggests I have got the Miskito on the bench for updating and engine service. The engine is Enya 50 H now with new liner, piston ring and bearings, the electronics have been updated to 2.4GHz. This heli is 25 year old this year and is still flying on the original wooden blades, its span is 1200 mm and has a fairly rare tricycle undercarriage. Pictures soon to follow