Under construction

Hello and Welcome Fellow pilots

Just a quick brief about me, I have been involved in model construction, flying and for enough time to say I may have a little experience, that is in excess of 40 years worth. I do not know it all or pretend to do so, this hobby continues to fascinate me and surprise me often and certainly in the short time I have been involved in the hobby. Technology in particular has exploded upon us like most walks of life and opened up new and exciting opportunities for model pilots.

My own path through the hobby started with sloping with really basic one or two channel equipment, then an upgrade to four channel, wow, now we are doing some serious aerobatics, deliberately even. Then on to the first powered aircraft and soon too follow a fixed pitch Lark Helicopter without a gyro, so the story goes for me.

This Site

As I have already said on the home page I intend to as and when put stuff online that interests me and welcome discussion if you so feel the need to about any rc related subject. You are welcome and my expectation is that you respect fellow pilots or pilots to be equally, this is not open for discussion. Enough for now maybe more information can be included if requested or suggested.

Pictures to follow soon



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