Hello fellow pilots

It will become clear that my passion is mostly focused on rotary wing, that said if it can be used to defy gravity for a while I am interested and probably owned or used one. Talking about gravity if you are thinking about becoming a model pilot gravity wins sometimes and things get broken. Even after 37 years of experience it still happens occasionally and you have to suck it up and go back to the building board. For me it is the challenge of constructing and piloting a model that still gives me a buzz, I find it therapeutic whether it goes well or if gravity wins its a new challenge to work out why.

The effects of gravity

500 bash


I am glad I do not do this too often, apart from taking up time I could be flying there was a fairly lengthy list of spares. I do not have access to a model shop all the spares are mail order usually from Fast Lads or Midland Helicopters. I should say I am not sponsored by anyone which gives me the freedom to mention anyone who has fast, efficient, accurate service and is polite and knowledgeable, also those that are not.


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